We here at Paralee Boyd believe your health and safety and the health and safety of our team is of the utmost importance.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Paralee Boyd is taking every precaution to make sure that you not only leave feeling great about your hair but that you leave healthy.  Please click the link above to learn about our opening procedures and what we’re doing to keep you safe on your next visit.  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Paralee Boyd was borne of the idea that all women deserve timely and quality hair care.  Paralee Boyd was created with you and the needs of your lifestyle in mind.  An evolution in haircare, you deserve a hair salon that understands the needs of the modern woman and has designed a hair salon with you in mind.


Paralee Boyd is a new kind of salon.  Opened in November 2012 in Southfield, MI our focus is to provide quality hair care that fits into your schedule.  In the traditional salon, a lot of time is spent in the salon.  That culture has required that you give time that could otherwise be spent in other aspects of your life.  


Understanding that Paralee Boyd is focused on timeliness, guests have an optimal experience when they arrive at the salon prepared for their hair care process.


Coming to the salon prepared for your hair care process, creates a better hair care experience.




Paralee Boyd (prounouced para-lee) is the maternal grandmother of the owner Dana White.  Paralee Boyd grew up in Camp Branch, Kentucky and as with most women of her time, her options were limited. 


Paralee was the first generation not to work as a domestic for the Gilbert’s, the same family that had employed and enslaved her family since 1821.  Paralee sold pomegranate hand scrubs to Mrs. Gilbert’s bridge club to keep herself in school until the 9th grade.  

As a young woman, Paralee met a young soldier back from the Korean war who had a job up north at General Motors and wanted to build a life with her.  After marriage, they moved to Highland Park and raised three daughters.  She lived out the rest of her life in Highland Park until dying at the age of 54 to Pancreatic Cancer.


Paralee was a beautiful woman…although she didn’t know it.  Known in her community as someone everyone can talk to.  Her ear and her kitchen were always open and it was said that you always left her home feeling better than when you entered it.  We try to embody that same feeling with our guests in her name.


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The mission of Paralee Boyd is to provide quality and timely hair care for our guests with a focus on customer service.  


In quality, we strive and are committed to improving the health of your hair over time.  We are very deliberate in products and tools we use as well as the staff that is chosen and trained to service you. 

In timeliness, we strive and are committed to being present during your service and providing that service in a timely manner.  

Our secret is being a data-driven salon, using years of information to continuously update our systems and processes - all to provide you with the best hair care possible in the amount of time needed to provide you with that service.  


In customer service, we believe in being of service to you not in servitude to you.  We are committed to providing a level of customer service that meets you where you are and allows you to leave the salon informed if needed, but more importantly feel great about your hair and the time you’ve spent with us.

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