Be a Hair Diva On The Go with Paralee Boyd

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It’s that time of year again, summer is winding down, the kiddies are heading back to school, and the lax in schedules is gearing up to do an about face to early morning drop-offs, after-school activities and the ever busy holiday season. How is a working, mom, or just diva, able to adjust and stay fly… on the go.

Enter Dana White, owner of Paralee Boyd, who recognized that women no longer have the time they once did as the demands on their lives are different and sought to provide a solution.

“After living in New York City and traveling to the Middle East, I noticed that salons there ran efficiently, but not with a mind toward hair care and service. When I wanted to get my hair done while visiting family, I’d have to make my appointment before booking my flight. I also saw how hair appointments were limiting the options on time for members of my family. It was then that I decided to open Paralee Boyd here in Detroit,” said White.

However, busy doesn’t just apply to just working women. Stay-at-home moms have a busy schedule as well. Women today are doing it all, but we still need to remember to take time for self. White offers some tips on how to keep your mane swag worthy without an all-day commitment.

“Working women and moms need hair care tips that can keep up with their busy schedules. I agree that protective styles are an option, but should not be the only solution for hair care,” she said.

“As the weather changes, so do our skin and hair. I advise for women to adopt or maintain a hair care regimen that includes hydration and moisture. Hair should be washed every seven to ten days and deep conditioned at least monthly depending on a woman’s hair care goals. Getting your hair trimmed regularly is critical to hair health. Women should get their hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to maintain a healthy hair shaft and prevent breakage.”

But, if you’re not the type who can do your hair on a daily basis, what is a girl to do?

Paralee Boyd is one of the few salons that service women with thick and curly hair on a walk-in only basis and upholds a standard of in- and-out service in two hours. This time frame is unheard of in this market; Paralee Boyd is one of the first of its kind.

“We understand that textures and hair conditions vary and provide a consultation for guests whose visit may take longer,” White said. “Paralee Boyd is also very deliberate about the products used in our services. We make sure to use products that promote hair growth and thickening.”

To be of service to the hundreds of women who work in the area, Paralee Boyd-Midtown will be open from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week, and as with all Paralee locations, will service their guests up until the time of closing.

Post from- Michigan Chronicle