Hair Care and Working Out

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Over the years I’ve had several guests of the salon ask me “How do I care for my hair while working out?”  I share the story of how my hair stylist in New York was able to see in my hair that I worked out a lot and shared a tip that debunked a myth about my hair care and working out.

MYTH:  wrap your hair like you do for bed.

SOLUTION:  take as much of your hair off of your head as possible.

So what does this mean?  You’ll want to purchase a pack of cloth, hair rubber bands.  Right before you get ready to work out, tie as many small pony tails all over your head as possible – the smaller the pony tail the better.  Yes, you will look funny but there is a point.

When you work out, your hair emits heat and salt water (sweat).  Wrapping your hair and then placing a silk scarf around it lays your hair down in that salty, warm water.  In essence, it’s like creating a salty, humid, and rainy day for your hair when you work out.

After you work out and if you shower at the gym, leave your hair as you get ready to get into the shower.  Once you’re ready to get in the shower, take out all of your pony tails then brush your hair thoroughly, making sure to stimulate your scalp.  Put your shower cap on and get in the shower.

If you go home to shower, leave your hair in the pony tails on your way home and while you get ready for work i.e. laying out your clothes, getting ready for work, etc.  This travel and prep time allows for your scalp to dry.  Again, right before you get in the shower take down all of your pony tails and brush your hair thoroughly, making sure to make contact with your scalp.  Put your shower cap on and get in the shower.

Taking as much hair off of your scalp while working out prevents your hair from drying out because you’re in essence not laying it in salt water.  Following the steps above is one of many ways you can care for your hair and still lead an active lifestyle.