What is Paralee Boyd?

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Paralee Boyd is a salon committed to quality and timely hair care.  Through our commitment we believe it is our responsibility to educate through example, in our work and by sharing what we’ve learned by servicing thousands of guests during our time in business.

Our guests are people who are deliberate about self care and see Paralee Boyd as a tool to care for themselves.  In order to give excellent service, Paralee Boyd operates as walk-in only for seven days a week, with a menu of services tailored to hair care.  We’ve streamlined our service menu in an effort to make your visit timely, but we rely on you to help make your visit efficient.

Paralee Boyd is different from your traditional salon.  In addition to different operations and procedures behind the scenes, Paralee Boyd runs best when our guests come to the salon prepared to receive service.  Paralee Boyd operates best when our guests come to the salon with their braids taken out and/or their hair brushed, combed, and detangled.

As Paralee Boyd grows, it is our hope that our growth will allow our guests to no longer be inhibited by their hair.  Through our growth, our guests no longer have to navigate their lifestyle and schedules to receive quality and timely hair care.